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OC Registrar of Voters, 1300 S. Grand Ave., Building C

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Exasperated Landlord Sought City Help To Evict Councilmember Lopez For Unpaid Rent, Refusal To Move Out

Tim Rush: Here’s why Santa Ana Councilmembers Lopez and Phan should be recalled

Councilwoman Lopez brought embarrassment onto the City and displayed disregard for private property rights when she refused to vacate a rental property after being evicted for nonpayment of rent, as reported widely in the media.

Councilwoman Lopez opposed a local ordinance in 2021 which should have cracked down on dangerous, illegal street racing in Santa Ana, endangering the lives of all of our residents.

Councilwoman Lopez has supported policies that have encouraged landlords to raise rents by as much as 15.7% according to the Zumper Annual Rent Report, contributing to Santa Ana’s cost of living crisis on top of inflation.

Councilwoman Lopez last year supported exploring harmful tax proposals such as a “vacancy tax” on rental properties without tenants, discouraging investment and contributing to the housing affordability crisis. She supported an outrageous hike in the city’s “in lieu fee”, making it more expensive for housing developers to build residential hosing in Santa Ana.

Councilwoman Lopez voted in favor of defunding the police in a dangerous proposal in June 2021. She defunded the Santa Ana Police Department by over $1 million, eliminating officers from the Gang Enforcement Team and resources needed to protect residents from violent crime.

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